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We take great care in selecting our teachers as the success of the entire teaching programme depends on their work. All teachers are highly qualified, mostly native speakers, holders of international certificates TEFL/TESOL with wide knowledge base and experience in teaching of English as a foreign language.

The selection process takes place in two parts. It aims to determine the pedagogical and personality dispositions important for the teaching work. A model lesson is also part of this process. Throughout the year the teachers undergo regular staff training, so as to continuously improve their skills and keep in touch with the latest developments in the field.

Study materials

We work with text books and materials which are published by the world renowned publishers of the foreign language teaching materials such as: Cambridge, Oxford University press, MacMillan etc… In choosing suitable materials we consider the aims and level of the given course as well as that of individual students.

Video and audio texts, Cd’s and other supplementary materials are available to lectors and students in the study room with a library.


The teaching practice is focused on using the foreign language in everyday context, applying so called communicative method. Students take responsibility and initiative in the framework of the lessons, they are exposed to real life situations while limiting the usage of their native language to minimum. Work in couples or groups serves as an instrument for acquisition of independent speaking skills. Grammar and new language phenomena are always introduced in context.